Our office strives to make meaningful architecture, rooted in its context of time and place, and capable of reshaping, completing, or revealing what is present, but without artiface-the way a subtle bend in tall grass makes an imperceivable breeze visible.

We do not have a style, but rather a reverence for the simple and timeless beauty of an inspired idea. We see architecture as a necessary angel that takes us from the mountain, to the idea of the mountain, and back again. Instilled with the poetic, a great work is capable of extending those fleeting moments, when sunlight upon the stones touches our hearts-when we are truly alive, and raising the mundane rituals of the everyday into the sublime.

Our process is specific to each project’s needs. But whether a large public project, or a small interior detail, we work closely with clients, consultants, and fabricators, in rigorous pursuit of the most appropriate expression of the idea. We consider every part integral to the whole, from site landscaping to interior details, and oversee each project from the initial planning phase to the last finishing touches, to ensure a cohesive work.

And, after all the dust has settled, the result is a place where simple beauty, tranquility, and silence sings.